Murdoc: A Freaking Genius

Well, not so much. But he took the Civics Quiz which seems to be popping up all over the place and

You answered 32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97 %

which is a bit better than I expected. There were a number of questions which I wasn’t positive on, and I guesstimated them all correctly except one. Not too shabby.

As a history buff and political writer (of sorts), it shouldn’t be too terribly surprising that I scored fairly well. I do wish that US citizens in general scored better than the 49% that they did, though that also isn’t terribly surprising. Over 70% scored less than 60% correct. See all the findings here.


  1. Well I only got 29. But I come from New Zealand, I haven’t studied US history. So this is just based on knowledge picked up from books, TV, news, blogs. I don’t think the results would be any better here for a local civics quiz. I think that people graduating through current (socialist dominated) education systems are likely to know far less about the critical aspects of their history and government than somebody who just pays attention occasionaly. Sad really.

  2. 29…two I missed were just dumb on my part…have to go slower…I blame one on my teachers…I never had to learn the Gettysburg address by memory…

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