You say “Nev-a-dah”, I say “Nev-ah-dah””

Bush mispronounces Nevada in first presidential visit

This is absolutely awful. First “nuke-you-lur” and now this.

Nevada memo to George Bush: When making a first presidential visit to a state, use the right pronunciation of its name.

and, of course,

State Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus, D-Las Vegas, said the mispronunciation shows Bush, who won the state in the 2000 election, doesn’t care much about the state.

I started this post with the intention of simply mocking the politicians who jump on this, mocking the people who think it really matter, and mocking the President for not watching his step since he knows folks are ready to point these missteps out and include them in next year’s calanders.

But I was nearly finished when, on a whim, I looked up “Nevada” at What do you know…

Main Entry: Ne·va·da
Pronunciation: n&-‘va-d&, -‘vä-
Usage: geographical name
state W U.S. capital Carson City area 110,561 square miles (286,353 square kilometers), population 1,201,833
– Ne·va·dan /-‘va-d&n, -‘vä-/ or Ne·va·di·an /-‘va-dE-&n, -‘vä-/ adjective or noun

Notice the bold ‘vä given as an alternate pronunciation. M-W notes

\ä\ as o in mop

For readers not sure how to pronounce “mop,” you can also listen to the secondary pronunciation here.

What does this prove? Not much, really. The pronunciation the President used isn’t “wrong,” but it certainly is not the most common. (In fact, “nuke-you-lur” is given as the third of three accepted pronunciations for nuclear at

Although I guess this sort of thing does kind of prove that the Dems are running out of stones to throw at Bush. They’re probably keeping their fingers crossed on the economy, hoping it goes in the tank before next fall.