Friday Linkzookery – 05 Dec 2008

“Papers please” no longer needed
I actually had a conversation about this topic not too long ago and meant to blog a bit but didn’t.

PEO-Soldier responds to our questions regarding the XM-312
Meant to link to this ages ago but forgot. Worth a read, including the comments section.

The Truth About Semi-Automatic Firearms
Video from the 90s that everyone talking about renewing the AWB should watch.

LPD-17 Reliability Issues Surface Again
Defense Industry Daily with more on this floating disaster. (At least it was still floating last I heard…)

The Art of the End of War
Michael Yon’s final dispatch from Iraq. He’s now in Afghanistan.

Medium Image

Big Boy Rules: America’s Mercenaries Fighting in Iraq
By Steve Fainaru. Looks to be at least a little anti-contractor.

LAV-H Has the Inside Track as the New Armoured Vehicle
LAV-H Capabilities Under the Microscope
Meant to post about these Canadian stories earlier in the year but didn’t get to it. Anyone know the status of this?

Contest: Air & Space Magazine
Don’t forget to sign up to win a free 1-year subscription!

Obama may do more for George Bush’s reputation than anyone thinks
Whatever happens, each day that passes makes it look more and more like the Change & Hope crowd is going to be pissed…

Obama’s small donor base image is a myth, new study reveals
There are a lot of myths about this election.

Tolerance fails T-shirt test
8th grade girl in Chicago told she “should be crucifixed” for wearing McCain T-shirt.

Why are Commercial AR Buffer Tubes different than Mil-Spec?
And why are people so afraid to talk about it? I just want an answer, folks.

The Little Spaceplane That Couldn’t
This way lies madness – or at least irrelevance. Most of these cult programs were technically impossible.

Cavalry Arms CAV-15
One-piece molded polymer lower receiver.

Baghdad Angler’s Club and School of Fly Fishing
Water quality here keeps us from eating anything in the lake,” but check out the monster shaboot on the main page.

‘Nobody is Watching’ America’s hidden war in Somalia
Somalia reached rock-bottom years ago but that hasn’t stopped it from sinking even further. The 2007 victory of Ethiopia seems to have evaporated.

153rd Carnival of Homeschooling
Sort of a Linkzookery for folks who homeschool or are just interested in education and family

NASA Extends Contract with Russian Federal Space Agency
There was noise about not extending this after the Rooskies invaded Georgia, but what choice do we really have?

Lost Scorpion Found: 1953 Kinross F-89 May Have Crashed “Head-On” with UFO
I was unfamiliar with this Great Lakes story. More here.

Cities and new wars: after Mumbai
Some people think they’re really on to something when they notice that the threats to security are changing.

Best Endorsement Ever! was just called “the wackiest right-wing blog” and “the most thorough, most entertaining gun-punditry on the entire web.” That should be worth a trophy or something, shouldn’t it?

Soldiers are just a bunch of dumb grunts, right?
Who needs reality when you have such a smug myth to cling to?

Phone Gun Surfaces Again
These things have cropped up every once in a while for that past several years.

10 Scary Zombie Killing Weapons
I don’t even know why I encourage you people…


  1. Very interesting article on the XM-312. With the light weight, low recoil and being roughly semi-automatic, i bet it will get good use as a sniper rifle, Carlos Hatchcock would love it, im sure.

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