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Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini Laptop

The Top Holiday Deals continue at Amazon.

I’m a bit tempted to pick up an Acer Aspire One 8.9-inch Mini Laptop for $380. Does anyone have any experience with one of these little guys?

I continue to hope that increased online shopping will not only kill the “Black Friday” one-day sale model but will also keep me out of stores altogether. You never know what’s going to happen in those madhouses.


  1. Why not just buy the specials at Office Depot? You can get a full-featured Toshiba or HP laptop for about $450.

    On the Acer, etc., of the topic: Their specifications lack HD size, screen size, and sometimes comes with Vista basic or even Linux. If you can live with them, OK. But I think the price point looks poor next to the Office Depot specials.

  2. This particular offering has 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home. I have an extra XP Pro license if I felt the need for it, but I’d be looking for a very portable light work book for blogging, email, and basic browsing.

  3. Im in a mini right now. so far, so good. windows xo loads quite fast.

    ah, thhe processor is the intel atom 1.6ghz

  4. If you don’t have an immediate need, I’d wait. Of course, that’s always good advice with electronics, but….

    I’m in the electronic component business, and component prices are falling like rocks. Plastics are down 50% over the past year, metals even more. And its working its way down the pipeline.

  5. jaymaster: I was told recently by a higher-up in the firearms industry that ammo prices are going to drop noticeably due to plummeting raw material costs, too.

  6. Murdoc,

    Absolutely, ammo is going to get cheaper over the next few weeks.

    Buy low, and buy high. And thank God it doesn’t spoil….

  7. the laptop Eee from Asus is better, larger processor and cache, it also streams data from portable hard drives flawlessly, it also can come in linux OS along with Vista and XP, you probably could get both if you get a duo core processor

  8. My father has that Acer that you are looking at, with the 160GB hard drive and the extended battery. It’s a neat little machine. I have big ol’ sausage fingers, so it will take me a little time to get used to the keyboard, which is a little small, and the extended battery makes it a little bigger than the competition since it sticks out from the back of the laptop a little. My main gripe is the trackpad, but I think with time I’ll just get used to it. I’m pretty big on mice anyway so I usually carry one around, which makes that a non-issue. My point is that I was trying to decide between the Aspire and the Dell Mini 9, and I was leaning toward the Mini 9 until I played with my dad’s Acer. Especially for you where you’ll be blogging a lot, I’d have to say the keyboard would be the selling point for the Acer. Not that either of them are amazing given the size restrictions, but the Dell does some non-standard stuff with their keyboard, and that might take a little more getting used to than the Acer’s pretty decent (if small) keyboard (and I’m super-anal about keyboards, so that’s saying quite a bit for me). Plus you get a real no-joke huge hard drive.

    These little things aren’t perfect, but for surfing the web, email, general basic usage, they are perfectly adequate. I asked for one for Christmas since I travel for work a lot, and lugging my MacBook Pro around is overkill (even though I love that thing with all my heart).

    Oh, and on the Acer, I would consider the extended battery an absolute must. With the regular battery, like the reviews say, it gets a little over two hours of light computer use (internet, email, wifi, etc). With the extended battery my guesstimate is I could easily get 5 or 6 hours of constant use out of one charge. Stats really don’t mean much but my takeaway was that it was a paradigm shift in how I think about using my computer all the time. Instead of turning it on, doing something, and turning it off real quick to save juice, or considering what I was using it for and if that was really necessary to do on the go before I got to an outlet, you just leave this thing in sleep and any time you want something from it, just open it up and do your thing. At the end of the day you plug it in to charge for the night, and in the morning it’s ready to go. Almost like a cellphone actually, in that sort of ever-present, always-on way.

    Sure, you could hold out for the prices to drop. With computers you are guaranteed that they always will. So if you’ve decided that now is the right time and this is the right device, don’t mess with your own head worrying about when the price will drop or the new slightly bigger hard drive or faster processor will come out. These aren’t performance machines anyway.

    Sorry if this was really long-winded or sounded like a cheesy sales pitch.

  9. The Eee also comes in crappy 7 inches, but stick with ultra portable Netbooks with at least 8.9 to 10 inch displays because these computers support larger hard drives, on board storage is no problem if you only have a handful of GBs, there called portable hard drives, and they come in 250GB, so if you have an incredible chipset like the intel 945GSE, which are available in both Acer and Eees, you can stream the herd drive in an easy fashion without bombarding your RAM and cache. Dont just buy a computer cause its on sale anyway, look at specifically what you need in your computer usage

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