Shipyard worker on LPD 17 issues

HMS Bulwark

HMS Bulwark

Got this in the inbox:

As someone who worked on both British LPDs, namely HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark, we too had our teething problems when we were building them, but with a lot of effort on everyone’s part both ships were successfully delivered and they have gone on to be a great asset to the Royal Navy. I’m sure that if the builders identify what is wrong with the build programme, your LPDs will end up being very useful.

The point about “teething problems” is a valid one, and we’ve seen improvements in follow-on ships in the LPD 17 class. Things are far from rosy, though, and even the newer units are suffering from significant problems.

Hopefully, the issues can be resolved. On paper, the San Antonios are solid additions to the fleet. But they do more harm than good when pulled off of deployment for emergency work in overseas shipyards.