The enemy knows the imporance of the supply line

Taliban storm two Peshawar trucking terminals, 160 NATO vehicles torched

Long War Journal:

The Taliban launched military assaults on two shipping terminals in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, destroying more than 160 NATO military vehicles and supplies destined for Afghanistan. Security in the northwestern city is deteriorating as the Taliban seeks to control the region and shut down NATO’s logistical chain to Afghansitan.

NATO officials say that the losses are “militarily insignificant,” and that’s probably the case. The sheer scale of the logistical operation to keep a fighting army in the field staggers the imagination.

But that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t matter. These attacks are merely part of a concerted effort to choke the NATO supply line. If someone (cough, Pakistan, cough) doesn’t step up and do more to keep the bad guys away from the bread, gas, and bullets, someone else is going to have to. And the Pakis probably won’t like it.

Unless, of course, Obama has a great plan to pull everyone together for the common good.

Go read the whole report over at Long War Journal.


  1. The front page photo of the 12/8 issue of Stars & Stripes tells it all. If Site Security there isn’t dead…………they may end up wishing they were! LOL!

    GTW: S & S say it was more than 160 vehicles!

  2. Is this like the news youve already heard blog, because any actual news ive read on some website or have seen in the paper before ive even gotten on here

  3. Looks like Pakistan is shaping up to be a bigger problem than A’stan 🙁

    Not that anyone who’s been paying attention would be surprised about that…

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