An alternative to the UN?

Scrap the U.N., create League of Democracies

Johah Goldberg raises the idea of an international organization similar to the United Nations, but made up only of democracies.

You can’t have a civil rights organization where Klansmen are welcomed as members; you can’t have a softball team where half the players want to play basketball, and you can’t have a global organization dedicated to the spread of human rights and democracy with nearly half the members representing barbaric, corrupt regimes.

He notes that NATO, currently in search of a mission, could benefit from this sort of arrangement and could provide some non-US muscle to the LoD.

Sort of an “Axis of Democracy.”

It’s worth some thought, at least. The UN isn’t working. And I’m not optimistic that real change is going to happen.

If you can’t fix what’s broken, don’t you go get a new one? (via Dispatches)