Don’t break out the Champagne just yet…

Frank Warner:

How lucky Iraq is that this financial collapse didn’t happen two years ago. What a close call it was.

Keep in mind that we found out yesterday that November 2008 had the heaviest U.S. layoffs since December 1974. What else was happening in autumn of 1974? A Democratic Congress was cutting in half the U.S. aid to South Vietnam (from about $2 billion to $1 billion). By this time, all U.S. combat troops had left South Vietnam. Now South Vietnam was on its own to battle the North Vietnamese invaders.

He wonders what would have happened if this past September’s financial situation had hit in September of 2006 instead.

No “surge,” that’s what.


  1. No surge, millions of innocent Iraqis and others dead or missing, and a nightmare totalitarian government that would make Saddam blanch running things.

    I lived through those earlier times, watching a spineless, vindictive Congress cast millions in SEA to a horrible fate, simply to spite Nixon and his memory, and assuage the leftist mobs and winter soldiers.

    I can and have forgiven much and asked forgiveness for some things in my life. For those actions, however, I can never forgive, and never forget.

  2. Er… the way I hear it, the surge didn’t help save innocent Iraqis, because by then practically all of them had ended up in their own enclaves where previous levels of violence couldn’t reach them any more. I suppose a full blown civil war could have erupted and hurt them, but only after a complete withdrawal, not merely in the absence of a surge.

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