Allies in Afghanistan

No captions at the Canadian image server, but I see US, Canadian, and Afghan troops and vehicles.

US, Canadian, and Afghan Troops

US, Canadian, and Afghan Troops

Looks like someone is about to catch hell.


  1. The contrast between them and the US troops in the background makes it look like it is. The edges are clean, and the shadows look right. There is also some mingling of the dust near their boots that is obscuring the US troops (lower than the standing 2) a bit, so I suspect it is real.

    Also noteworty are the entry shield in the background, halligan tool on the ruck of the US soldier in the foreground, along with his 12 ga. rounds, and a US soldier in the background that looks to be a designated marksman.

    I’m guessing someone’s door got kicked in pretty dynamically.

  2. Knock! Knock!

    Who’s there!

    Yo Mama! BLAM!!!

    Note to Mr. Taliban: Shouldn’t have wrote those checks, if you you couldn’t cash’em Bro! LOL!

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