News about yet another Russian-built carrier

First we saw the Admiral Kuznetsov in the Barents Sea. Then the former Admiral Gorshkov, now India’s Vikramaditya, was floated for the first time in three years.

Now it’s the former Rooskie Varyag, today property of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy: New movement for Varyag:

The photo is kind of interesting because it looks like they opened up the missile section (where the shipwreck missiles would be) to fit equipments in there. We are not sure exactly what. One of the major possibilities would be engines for Varyag.

The engine-less partially complete ship was sold by the Ukraine to China with the stipulation that it never be used as a warship. The Chinese buyers claimed it was going to become a massive floating casino. Now, many analysts suspect that the PLAN is going to use it as a training carrier. Supporting this are reports that the Russians may have sold China up to 50 Su-33 Flanker-D multi-role naval fighters.

Go see Information Dissemination for photos and discussion of the Varyag’s condition.


  1. 1. Engine-less????
    2. Some one might mention the presence, and need for, ‘jet blast deflectors’.


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