What about all those ‘traditional allies’?

Petraeus: 20K troops for Afghan war from U.S.

NATO and allied forces need at least 20,000 more troops, and they’re going to get them. From the US:

The 20,000 additional troops sought by American commanders for the NATO mission in Afghanistan would come from the United States, with any additional increase supplied by allies, the U.S. general who oversees the Afghan war said Tuesday.

Surprise, surprise.

I don’t quite understand the ‘with any additional increase supplied by allies’ bit. For all the talk about how Bush squandered the world’s good will after 9/11, it seems that the list of nations doing the heavy lifting in Afghanistan closely resembles the list of nations who did the heavy lifting in Iraq with the exception of Canada.

If old Europe and these other ‘traditional allies’ that Bush supposedly alienated really were on our side and interested in fixing things but upset about Iraq, they’d act more like Canada. The Canucks, while not supportive of the campaign in Iraq and critical of many of our policies and decisions, have been strong members of the coalition in Afghanistan. If the motivations behind the actions (and inaction) of our ‘traditional allies’ were really what the Bush critics claim, Germany, France, and so on would have been acting a lot more like Canada for the past seven years than acting like, well, Germany, France, and so on.


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