Wrong denomination

House Tossup In Dime Design

I noted yesterday that some in Congress think Ronald Reagan should replace FDR on the dime.

Today’s WaPo has a story on the story, and in it is this gem:

[Bill sponsor Mark Edward Souder (R-Ind.)] gathered more than 80 cosponsors — and learned that many of the lawmakers were not all that clear about who is on the dime now. (It is Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

“One member insisted to me the whole night that Roosevelt’s not on the dime, it’s Eisenhower,” Souder said. “We went around looking for a dime to resolve it.”

Only in Congress could they have to go “around looking for a dime.” I’ll bet if they were talking about $50 bills there wouldn’t have been any doubt.

Well, okay. I was out of line just now. This wouldn’t happen only in Congress. There are rich clueless idiots all over the place.