Croatian VHS Assault Rifle

Direct gas bullpup.

Pics, info and video at The Firearm Blog.


  1. I thought about emailing a video of this rifle to you, Murdoc! At first i wouldnt like a direct gas system, but this rifle use it in a very smart way to reduce recoil.

  2. Ah, it uses a piston, so its not direct gas…

    “A piston is used to push back the bolt and gas is piped behind the bolt to slow it down.”

  3. I think they call that a gas delayed blowback system. I seem to recall that a Beretta pistol used it. I’d still like to see the Remington 51 pistol’s hesitation lock system used on an assault rifle with higher calibre than is usual these days, preferably otherwise like a FAMAS or an Owen gun or something with features of both (if you could find good trade-offs).

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