Expansion will be complete three years early

Army to meet goal, but it’s not enough

Army Times:

The Army will meet its end-strength goal of 547,000 this fiscal year, three years earlier than first planned, but that still won’t be enough to meet operational demands, a senior official said.

The Army needs to grow by at least 30,000 more troops to meet current demand, Army Undersecretary Nelson Ford said Tuesday. An end-strength of close to 580,000 is needed to meet the demand, he said.

I think this has been pretty clear for quite some time. The divisional reorganization helped a little. The expansion will help a little. The drawdown in Iraq will help a little. Together, those factors will make a noticeable difference.

But the tempo in Afghanistan is kicking up and will probably kick up more before it settles back down. Demands elsewhere will continue to put a lot of pressure on our forces.

And left unsaid during almost all of this talk about the end-strength of the regular Army are the spectrum of daunting tasks facing America’s special forces. Everyone keeps saying that it takes a decade to substantially grow your special forces. Well, it’s been over seven years since 9/11.

Still, even with all the worrying issues, it’s sure nice to see that this growth goal is going to be reached early. I expect that recruiting will continue to pick up. Some of that will be due to the lessening violence in Iraq, but I suspect that more of it will have to do with the economy and the employment situation in the civilian world.


  1. So you’re saying the Clintonistas gutting the Army from 18 to 10 active divisions might not have been the most efficient of “peace dividends” to be enacted furing their regime; in light of current geo political commitments?

  2. Next time some politician bitches about the military not having enough armor/weapons/comm gear/whatever(assuming they do so AND get air time after The Ascension), I want someone to ask “Have you proposed an increase in defense spending, or submitted a bill for such, to help the situation?” If the answer is ‘no’, I then want the questioner to tell them to shut the hell up.

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