No more Vikings

Last S-3 squadron arrives home

Sea Control Squadron 22 is back from Iraq and the Viking is being put out to pasture.

As I wrote in early 2007,

I’ve never really thought that this move makes much sense.


  1. It only makes sense if the threat is over or you have something better to use instead. I think I’ve heard the ChiComs are putting together a lovely collection of subs and our friends the Russians still have a few in the cupboard too, ASW capabilities will be needed for a while yet. So why the hurry to bench the S-3’s with no follow on? Isn’t this the case with the P-3’s as well?

    So either our subs/surface folks with helicopter support can do it all or we are turning a blind eye to a threat or something better is in use. Time and unfortunately casualties with tell.

  2. ASW is a lot like antimine warfare, every says its important, but no one really wants to think to hard about it. Ship/helo based ASW is a deterrent factor not an answer. The advantage is all with the subs. It is even worse with mines. That said the bast ASW is another sub. Nuclear subs are great, but these new AIP subs are just plain lethal.

    On topic, the Navy’s decision to drop the S-3 is just another in a long line of decisions meant to reduce capabilities in the quest for “savings”. The problem is that whenever I hear the words “Navy” and “savings”, I just know that my wallet got lighter.

  3. I’m not even gonna get started here, because if I do, there isn’t enough bandwidth to adequately express my opinions on this matter, as well as the P-3 debacle.

    I spent my time in ASW, with more than 5K hours in P-3’s and S-3’s and the current status of US Navy ASW experience is “in extremis”. Suffice to say that extremely poor decisions were made with inadequate answers and the results have jeopardized our former standings as the baddest Blue Water ASW folks in the world.


  4. Maybe they can duct tape a MAD boom and some sonobuoys to an F-18. Call it the F/A/S/G/B-18. Some rotors to and you can add an H. Man, is there nothing that plane can’t do?

  5. Random thought. How would a V-22 do in ASW?
    I would think that it has a place due to speed and range. It probably wouldn’t do dipping sonar, but instead put sonar buoys in the water beyond where helicopters would go.

  6. Joe,

    It might well do a creditable job. The problem I would have with it is the noise generated by those honkin’ big fans it flies with.

    Those things would put a HUGE amount of noise into the water and probably alert the sub to it’s presence. The advantage of the S-3 and (P-3) is that the former was quieter and a fairly fast mover so could drop the bouys and stand off at a longer distance to monitor, and the P-3’s could drop from a higher altitude and also stand off for monitoring.

    The V-22 might well work, but that depends upon it’s sound signature. Interesting concept, however.

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