Friday Linkzookery – 26 Dec 2008

Last Linkzookery of the year!

Hokey Cokey Hate
“You put your right hand in, your right hand out,” may constitute an act of religious hatred.

Boeing Navy P-8 Jet Faces $900 Million Budget Cut
Further reducing ASW to fund the DDG-1000?

China to “seriously consider” building aircraft carrier
Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Want to re-up for bigger bonuses? Do it now
Army funding for re-enlistment bonuses will decline sharply in 2009 as service retention programs enjoy unprecedented success at a time of economic uncertainty in the civilian sector.

The Big War You Never Hear Much About
For the last three months, Shia and Sunni radicals have escalated their attacks on each other’s web sites.

New Satellite System Launch Delayed by 6 Years
First Transformational Satellite Communications System sat will not launch until 2019.

Tom Cruise to star in movie about Flying Tigers
Valkyrie co-writer Christopher McQuarrie will write the screenplay.

Big changes in store for Knox
1st Division’s brigade in Germany will move in next year, Armor Center will move out in 2010.

Iraq orders $3 bln of GE electricity turbines
Will more than double Iraq’s electricity production.

Made to be used.


  1. Oh good, kill the S-3, and pull funding from the P-8 and use the savings to buy a DDX? Cannot say that I am surprised… are we ever going to get someone sane in the Navy?

  2. Glad to see the news about the Iraqi generator purchase. You’d think if enywhere in Iraq had a normalized power grid it would be here (where I am), but it’s only up and running for a few hours a day (or so I’m told). The coalition establishments are all still keeping the generator manufacturers and diesel vendors rich!

    I have pretty regular contact with the Iraqi public, and they all say they can’t wait for better infrastructure services (water, electricity, buses, taxis etc).

  3. Living in Scotland myself (and in a city where religion+football (soccer for the US folks) seems to bring a lot of hatred)… I don’t think even those that seek to bring harm to another here had even figured that the song hokey cokey had anything to do with religion!

    Now however… thanks to some idiot… it will probably be sung as a religious hatred song!

    Idiots… or possibly a genius… depends on which side you are on!

    (Luckily, I don’t sit on either side… I just observe the idiocy)

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