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Canadian flag causes flap in the U.S.

This is just plain weird. Apparently, some Canadian focus group reports suggest that Americans “express irritation at the habit of Canadians using the flag while travelling to express nationality.”


“Some participants expressed a certain amount of annoyance at what is perceived as a systematic attempt by Canadians to make the statement that they are not Americans by sporting the maple leaf,” said the recently released report. “This underscores the American sensitivity at feeling rejected by the rest of the world ….”

(Emphasis mine.) That is really just plain bizarre. Of course flags express nationality. And, although I know some Americans might be less than pleased with Canada recently, I certainly don’t think there’s any sort of resentment or bitterness (like many feel toward France, for instance) at all.

The report is based on eight focus groups conducted in September by Millward Brown Goldfarb in San Diego, Raleigh, Denver and Houston where Canadian consulates are in the process of opening.

Pierre Bechard, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, said Millward Brown Goldfarb was paid $49,543 for the October report and focus groups.

So, that’s like $37,842 real dollars according to


Seriously, this is just plain silly. And I’ll bet Millward Brown Goldfarb has a nice Christmas party this year.