Perl before a swine

I don’t remember how I got here, but here’s the 2003 Perl Advent Calendar.

It’s got Perl goodness for every day leading up to Christmas. Exciting stuff like CGI::Untaint, PPerl, and Mail::SpamAssassin.

Today’s entry is Data::Dimensions:

Does anyone remember when the Mars Orbiter Crashed because one group of scientists were using metric and another were using imperial measurements. Wasn’t that funny?

Well, of course it’s funny. It gives us a warm feeling inside to know that even the most intelligent people around – literately rocket scientists – make the same mistakes we do. You bet however it wasn’t funny for the scientists who lost $125 million dollars worth of hardware, and set back the space programme.

However, when we – as programmers – have to do the same kind of work we won’t be laughing. Or will we? I will. I’ve got Data::Dimensions handy and it does all my unit conversion and unit checking for me, so I don’t have these problems.

He then goes on to detail the wonderful Perl thingy Data::Dimensions.

Personally, I don’t know a single thing about Perl, so it’s freaking useless to me. Enjoy.