Rathergate just won’t go away

I can’t believe there’s anything new to post about this, but some people just won’t shut up.

Little Green Footballs: NPR Rewrites Rathergate History to Cover Up Fraud:

Rather’s attorneys also point to public statements by Michael Missal, a lawyer in Thornburgh’s law firm who helped conduct the investigation.

“It’s ironic that the blogs were actually wrong when they had their criticism,” Missal said in a speech back in March at Washington and Lee’s law school.

“We actually did find typewriters that did have the superscripts, did have proportional spacing, and on the fonts, given that these are copies, it’s really hard to say,” Missal said. “But there were some typewriters that looked like they could have some similar fonts there, so the initial concerns didn’t seem as though they would hold up.”

Okay. Simple enough. Let’s see them. That’s all.

I said it a hundred times at the time:

Anyway, as I’ve said, I don’t care what anyone’s opinions are. I don’t care when a particular typeface was invented. I don’t even care when it was first used widely in typewriters like those the Texas Air National Guard use.


I’ve got to think someone from CBS has looked into it. Call me cynical, but the fact that Dan didn’t have piles of them ready for us means to me that we wouldn’t be impressed.

It’s. Very. Simple.

Either you produce some documents from that base from that time that match or I call you a liar.

Back in 2006 I noted that Dan Rather was still claiming that the story was “absolutely true.” At the time I thought it was basically the ravings of a madman, and I might have been right. Except now NPR has sided with the madman.



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