India buying P-8 Poseidons

P-8A Poseidon (Boeing Photo)

P-8A Poseidon (Boeing Photo)

Strategy Page: P-8 Replacing Tu-142

India is buying eight U.S. P-8 maritime reconnaissance aircraft, for about $220 million each. This deal has been stalled for months, but the growing expense of maintaining their Russian Tu-142M aircraft, and the need for a more capable recon aircraft, has made the P-8 buy certain. The first P-8I will arrive in 2014.

This past Friday’s Linkzookery noted that the Navy’s 2010 budget proposal cut four of the six initial production P-8s. The sale to India might help soothe that blow a bit.

I still think that a big JDAM platform might be a worthwhile part of the USAF’s bomber force. Could a P-8-based plane fill that role?


  1. We are really not lacking the platforms to carry JDAM’s. Currently we can put up around 2000 manned platforms and 100 unmaned platforms.In the future we will have about 1200 manned platforms with the real growth in unmanned platforms. The Army is going to have it own air force (4-5 hundred Warrior UCAV’s) with the Air Force comming with several hundred of its own warriors and other UCAV’s. The Navy most likely will have several dozen UCAV’s (x-47’s).

    We have and are going to have plenty of platforms for JDAM’s – what we are lacking is is C4 assets, bandwidth and logistics to keep everything flying.

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