Militaries make plans ahead of time? Who knew?

Danger Room: Paper: Gaza Campaign Planned Months in Advance

Ha’aretz is reporting that planning for Israel’s air campaign against Hamas in the Gaza Strip began months ago:

Barak gave orders to carry out a comprehensive intelligence-gathering drive which sought to map out Hamas’ security infrastructure, along with that of other militant organizations operating in the Strip.

This intelligence-gathering effort brought back information about permanent bases, weapon silos, training camps, the homes of senior officials and coordinates for other facilities.


  1. And those Hamas rocket launchers just popped up around schools and hospitals like mushrooms after a rain…

  2. As intractable as Israeli/Palestinian relations are……….I have to admit, if I was calling the shots………I wouldn’t be any where near as tolerant of those pricks in HAMAS firing rockets into my country, or as restrained in responding to it.

    As sickening as it is to say it……..I frequently wonder if all the Israeli Arab conflicts have suffered to some degree from premature ending. Neither side has really suffered the utter devastation, and wholesale elimination of their fighting age male population that Germany/Japan did during WWII. I’d argue those conditions made ending WWII, and the subsequent occupations, rebuilding, and remodeling as final and as lasting as they’ve been.

  3. Something I meant to mention in my first post (old timer’s getting in the way!), a friend of mine, north of me in the sand box, reports their local admirers motared them just before Christmas, but the camp’s counter battery radar and ground based Phalanx system shredded the projectiles out of the sky!

    I’ve got to wonder how it would work on Katyusha or Grad rockets out of Gaza? Pretty good, I’m thinkin’!

  4. Imagine if Mexico had some sort of armed incursions taking place across our borders, or wholesale violation of our sovereignty, and the Mexican authorities refused to do anything about it. You’d be damn sure that the US would fight back and do something to end that kind of situation!

    Wait, what?

  5. What they need is an automated system like the Phalanx, plus counter battery fire. The Phalanx shoots the mortars and rockets out of the sky, and at the same time the radar and computers backtrack the rocket’s trajectory and send a missile or some other ordnance on a return trajactory…all automated.

    That way you can ligitimately say that whoever fired the rocket is truely responsible for the casualties at that location, because they KNOW there will be effective AUTOMATIC counterbattery fire. Sure, they will still blame the Israelies, but guess what, after a while, people will see someone setting up a rocket launcher and either vacate the premisis, or clobber the guy before he can pull the trigger and bring down death in a 50′ radius.

    Just my thoughts on the subject

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