He might be on to something…

Say Uncle:

Ya ever notice?
How violence in the Middle East is usually covered in the back section of the newspapers or on the sidebars of major media websites until Israel starts shooting back?


  1. Well, I’m extremely pro-Israel. And I generally despise the media. But still…

    When Israel strikes back, it’s a true “man bites dog” story, so it’s always newsworthy.

    Plus there’s the fact that it’s a polarizing issue, and that brings in the readers.

    Probably 30-50% of US readers want to see Israel kick ass, 10% want to see Israel get embarrassed, and maybe 30% just want to see if there are some gruesome war pics.

    That’s front page material right there.

  2. Yea.

    What irks me the most is so much of the media concentrates almost exclusively on the “Palestinian civilian casualty” aspect of these flare ups. Never mind that Israel maintained the expired cease fire last week, and HAMAS did not. Israel held it’s hand until AFTER a significant unprovoked rocket barrage and only then responded to what amounts to ANOTHER act of war.

    I can only tell HAMAS and all the other virulently anti Israel/Jewish Islamic militants what’s common knowledge around the world: Don’t start no shit, and there won’t be none!

    And there’s another rub. HAMAS and all the others know they can count on the media to act as their unofficial propaganda organs by provoking Israel. Schmucks!

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