Willy Pete scares the bejeebers out of everyone

Another Leftist/Islamist Lie Up In Smoke

The US doesn’t use white phosphorus chemical weapons.

Israel doesn’t use white phosphorus incendiary weapons.

Just because WP smoke rounds use chemicals and can start fires doesn’t make them chemical/incendiary weapons. (via Instapundit)


  1. Gunpowder is a chemical weapon!! From now on western armies should only use kinetic weapons. The good old times of bow and arrow are back!

  2. >The good old times of bow and arrow are back!

    Actually, they are made out of atoms, so they are nuclear weapons.

  3. We should use WP, Fuel-Air explosives, cluster bombs, flame-throwers, land-mines, and anything else that helps us win battles.

  4. Bram: Don’t you think you’re being a little unreasonable?

    I mean, if we used some of those weapons (cluster bombs, for instance) someone might get hurt.

  5. Using “Shake and Bake” techniques to employ Willy Pete in one of the most densely populated places on the face of the planet against a trapped civilian population is a War crime. Plain and simple!

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