Are there going to be “new” patriots?

Noticed this in the comments section over at Blackfive:

Here’s a hypothetical for everyone:

How do we react if suddenly–as appears may be happening–all our wars are “good” wars, and supporting the troops is the hip thing to do, now that Obama is president?

Do we gracefully accept the change, or do we ask all these new “patriots” where their support was while Bush was president?

This is a tough one. I’m inclined to gracefully accept the newfound “patriotism” and support, even though I’m angry as hell that it wasn’t there during Bush’s tenure.

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, and besides, support is support, even if it’s based strictly on politics, crowd following, peer pressure, and faddishness.

I guess before we can answer the question of how will “old” patriots treat “new” patriots, we need to ask if there will be, in fact, many “new” patriots at all. Of course, we’ve been treated to hordes of “the America I know and love is finally back”-type sewage since the election, but that doesn’t count.

I think the “all wars are ‘good’ wars” in the comment is a bit much, as none of the “old” patriots think that, let alone converts from hippydom. But if there is suddenly a new large group of citizens who support the troops and clamor for victory, things are going to be a bit weird.

It’s not like a single event cannot change someone’s perspective on patriotism, of course. 9/11 was a huge, honest, and lasting shock to millions. But I’m skeptical that the mere election of Barack Obama will suddenly cause pro-victory military supporters to sprout up. The media will probably ease off a bit on the negative war reporting, but I don’t really expect it to be a drastic lasting change.

What do you guys think?


  1. I pray that there are no serious conflicts in the next 4 years – I doubt our leadership will respond well.

  2. Bram,

    Concur. I am also deeply troubled by potential responses of the new administration to conflicts and other events. People with an interest in such possibilities would do well to review the Carter administration years. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. I’d rather not relive those times, especially with a son on active duty.

  3. I’m honestly keeping my eyes open and keeping my distance. As I’ve often seen, kids nowadays tend to gravitate to whatever the newest things are. Me and my 3-column ledger for RPGs and normal kids with their flip flopping loyalties. Just because a hip, young, and black guy became our president (one who I feel would probably be a reason I wouldn’t go past 2nd year AROTC), doesn’t mean what you used to hate before became the ‘in’ thing.

    To make my rant a little more understandable. I don’t like people with no sense of loyalty, or what they believe in. The term sheeple applies. Follow what’s hip now and ignore what we did in the past.

  4. I don’t know what to think about the “new patriot” thing; but one thing I’m predicting is that anything bad happening in the next four years (hopefully not eight) will of course be “all Bush’s fault.”

  5. There won’t be any new patriots. People voted for Obama because they wanted to get back to September tenth, when the world still loved us (yeah right), they could all worry about what and who Brittney Spears was doing, or who was wining American Idol and not feel that nagging bit of worry and uncertainty at the back of their mind that it was all an illusion. Obama promised a warm vague blanket of good feelings, and if he takes us deeper into a war, or worse into a new war with the inevitable bad turns, people will turn on him too. Much of this country doesn’t have the spine or stomach for defending their interests with force of arms.

    What will be more interesting is to see if his backers turn on him, and folks closer to this camp embrace him for making tough choices militarily. That would be a true mindfrick.

  6. “The United Nations Security Council has voted for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after the United States lifted its veto threat in response to growing Arab pressure.”

    The appeasement rot has already set in and B. Hussein Obama is still 11-days away from the presidency.

    And judging from his cabinet appointments appeasement at any cost will be the hallmark of his tenure.

    Remember the Liberal mantra: NO war is better than a “good” war even if it means kowtowing to the Islamic fanatics!

  7. Using recent history as an example, I don’t think TRUE anti-war Americans will suddenly become patriots. The people that were anti-war just because they were anti-“anything that Bush did” will become war supporters as long as Obama gets us into the war. I use the Clinton years as an example. Those that loved Clinton were OK with much that he did, while being “anti-” if Bush did the same thing. However those that were true anti-war still protested the stuff that Clinton got us into. Although during his time, there were more likely to protest Oil companies, the military, etc for the wars and not so much clinton directly. As if Sgt. So-and-so directly got us into the engagements all by himself.

  8. So…we’re just waiting for our next Hitler eh, with Obama as Chamberlain?

    Yes…Also…Godwin’s Law.

  9. Obama is a man of the left. The left is always focused on the domestic side: control of the economy and culture. Obama does not want any foreign policy distractions in his quest to change America. Hence his “centrist” foreign policy appointments.

    While there are principled anti-war types (and thankfully few people who actually love war), the vast majority of the left never were pacifists. They used the Iraq war as a stick to beat their political enemies, that is, to advance their domestic agenda.

    They will do the same thing in reverse should we enter another conflict. No one will call Obama or anyone in his administration a chickenhawk. The doofuses on the right will reflexively gather behind him (Obama kills terrorists, yay!) while the left will use the opportunity to marginalize them.

    Once they are done, America will be mentally, financially and legally unable to go to war. It´s bad for the environment or something.

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