‘Real’ Journalism by default?

Yesterday was a day of demonstration in Iraq. If the banner in this pic said “Occupiers Out” or “New Regime As Bad As The Old” or “No Oil For Blood”, it would have been on the front page of every news site and the lead story on every station.
Instead, almost no one (except FoxNews (bootlickers)) covered the demonstrations. The coverage the NYT gave the demonstrations was a paragraph buried in the middle of a story about US soldiers killed in Iraq.

The Iraqis were demonstrating AGAINST terror, which means that they’re against our enemies, which means that, in some weird, twisted, convoluted way, they may actually support (gasp!) some of the things the US is doing. Can’t cover that!

(The pic I chose is of Al-Sadr supporters. There are others, including some with slogans in English, but they’re plastered all over the blogosphere. I chose it because, although al-Sadr is mostly anti-US, he advocates (publicly, at least) non-violent protest and we must realize that anti-Saddam doesn’t necessarily mean pro-US. This group, which undoubtedly contains at least some members who choose violent means of engagement, will have to be dealt with, by us and especially by the Iraqi government, whatever that ends up looking like.)

Amazingly, the main coverage and source of images from the event were provided by Zeyad, a blogger in Baghdad with a digital camera sent to him by US blogger Jeff Jarvis.

The media’s stranglehold on our society might be slipping just a bit.

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One guy, a digital camera, and the internet.