The only internet access I’ve had for the past couple of days was in a McDonalds parking lot for a few minutes and at the local public library in the small town where some relatives live. And Murdoc Online was filtered out at said public library:

Totally busted.

Totally busted.

But now I’m in sunny Orlando. Well, we drove through a nearly blinding rainstorm to get here, but I’m assuming the sun is still out there somewhere. At least the hotel internet seems decent.

My apologies for the extremely light posting. I should have lined up a guest poster, but I didn’t think I’d need one. (Plus, the guest posters usually draw lots of traffic, which dents Murdoc’s ever-so-fragile ego…)


  1. Heh,

    Well, look at it this way… getting blocked at least means that someone is interested in you, eh?

    I sent you another edition of “Civil War Saturday”, and I’ll have another ready to go in a couple days too.

    I hope to have a post for you in a few weeks about Airborne School. My son is there as I type, learning for to be a Paratrooper. I told him to take notes so i could write about it. We’ll see if he remembers. Kids… bah humbug…

    Have a fun time. Post a postcard or sumpin to let us know how things are going 🙂

  2. Could be worse. You could be home where we are seeing -1F last night and the same predicted for tonight. Wind chill of -20F predicited for over-night.

    Right now it is a balmy 12F and the snow is crunching under foot.

  3. Murdoc,

    Yeah, as in -15 degrees here in Maine this morning…

    Can’t believe I’d actually look forward to freezing rain… sigh…. 🙂

  4. Tim: I don’t mean to laugh at you for having such cold weather…I just can’t help myself.

    I know I’ll be getting mine at some point, but I sure seem to have picked a decent week to skip out of Michigan. Though with the big lake so close we don’t usually see temps too far below zero.

    I think all MO and GunPundit readers should make plans to be in Vegas next year for the SHOT Show. If the weather is cold, we’ll just warm our hands over the barrels of well-used weaponry.

  5. Murdoc,

    With sufficient forward planning that sounds very doable. I’d love to extend the trip and take Amtrak down and back. Of course, I may be living closer by then anyway.

    I’m giving very serious consideration to moving south and west this summer/fall, in time for the new school year.


  6. The weather dudes have been revising their forecast downward. We are looking at -3ºF overnight with wind chills of -20ºF. (It could get worse if we lose the partly cloudy.)

    I haven’t checked the Sea Grant GIS data recently, but I suspect that the Lake (Michigan) isn’t frozen yet. If it was, we would be seeing even lower temperatures.

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