.22 AR from Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson 15-22 AR in .22LR

Smith & Wesson 15-22 AR in .22LR

Hard to get a good picture. They are scheduled out in July and will have an MSRP of $499.99. Comes with a 25 round magazine. Click for a bigger view.

I’m on the road all day today, but don’t miss the continuing SHOT Show coverage over at GunPundit. Just keep going.


  1. Is the lower all standard so you can at least throw a regular 5.56 or 6.8 upper on it to get a little more mileage out of it? I kind of can’t see spending five bills for a .22 rimfire either. I’m guessing you would have to at least switch out the buffer and spring to change to a standard caliber upper.

  2. Nyet! Make mine 6.8 x 43mm. Oh yea………..and you can toss in that nade launcher from the one below the .22 in the display. 🙂

  3. $499.99

    That’s big bucks alright. Yea, a .22 lacks the super duper stopping power of a .45 ACP…..But 5-rounds to the head in 5-seconds will still put the big hurt on some uninvited house guest!

    Heck. My Remington Nylon-66 .22LR semi-Auto only cost me $49.99 back in 1956!

  4. Toejam, only if you shoot that well. 5 rounds to the head in 5 seconds? Sounds like the theory behind the american 180. It’s a niche market thing. Everybody wants to be “tactical” on the cheap. Look at the GSG-5. Selling pretty well, but really just a cheap rimfire dressed up to look like an MP-5. Tactical looking, and fun to shoot. NOT built for home defense. Sure, you can use it, just like using a nylon jewelers hammer for driving 10-penny nails. Not really the right tool for the job, but eventually, the nail will go into the wall. From .458 Socom, to .22 LR. Not necessarily practical, but it looks “tactical”.

  5. Nanderbus: No, it isn’t a standard lower. It’s a one-piece polymer lower somewhat similar to the CAV-15. The only sample they had was the one in the case, so it was tough to get a good look at it. Dedicated .22.

  6. I think you are missing the point of this gun. It is not for taking down a buffalo or defending your home from perps with body armor. It’s a fun gun. You get the exciting feel of an AR 15, and can shoot it until your trigger finger falls off for only a measily few bucks.

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