How the Presidents Stack Up

Job approval ratings:

Sources: Gallup, AP, research

Sources: Gallup, AP, research

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  1. I guess familiarity breeds contempt? All of them were doing much worse at the tail end of their term/s than at the begining or middle; except that wanker Clinton; I guess you can grin, bluff, and smirk your way through thick “stuff” if you have enough style.

  2. Something tells me Obama’s slope might be even steeper! The higher up you are the harder you can fall!

    I don’t think he can improve his rating… there is only one way he can go!

  3. War and scandal. Truman was riding high at the end of WWII, then, rightly, got the blame for damn near losing in Korea. People were also sick of 20 years of tax and spend Democrats by ’52.

    Johnson in Vietnam, Nixon and Watergate, Carter and the Iranian hostages. HW Bush was on a high after the Gulf War, then squandered it by bailing out the S&L’s and letting Congress raise taxes.

  4. No one ever seems to blame MacArthur, the Republicans and the China Lobby for almost losing Korea. I agree that 20 years of Democrats was enough by ’52. There is a great book by David Halberstam called the “Coldest Winter” that really takes MacArthur and his allies to task. The discussion linking Domestic politics to our Far East policy is fascinating.

  5. I certainly blame Mac for playing Emperor instead of training his Army after WWII. I really blame Truman and his awful Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson for gutting the military. They even tried to disband the Marine Corps in 1948.

    By 1950, only the Marines were still ready to fight – because they had continued to train and had hoarded WWII supplies.

  6. I agree, Louis Johnson was an awful choice for Sec Def. He was chosen as a political favor. Training and leadership always makes the difference in combat effectiveness. After WWII most of the US Military thought that technology (Air power / A-Bomb) would fight our wars for us. Throughout all of human existence there has never been a true substitute for well trained and motivated boots on the ground.

    This makes me concerned when I see so much of our capability tied to RPV, GPS and centralized control. What will we do once the Chinese figure out how to jam or destroy our satellite communication?

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