Not good

A reader sends me a heads up about the new Iraqi Army. At least the half of it that hasn’t walked off the job.

The first battalion of the new national military was just weeks away from being deployed. 300 of the 700 members simply walked out, apparently over pay.

They’re paid about $60 a month, which isn’t much more than police or civil defense types make. To quit over money might be a little mercenary, but we can’t expect these guys to serve only out of the goodness of their hearts.

Also, this Guardian story claims that some may have quit becaue their families are threatened by insurgents due to their volunteering for service.

I expect that a pay raise may be coming, and that most of the soldiers will be back on the job soon. This will add fuel to the fire of those that want elements of the old Iraq Army reactivated, though.

Ah, the free market economy.