Glad he’s not Murdoc’s elected rep…

Jack Murtha Volunteers his District to House Gitmo Detainees

Murtha only has a minimum security prison in his district. But he says he’d have no reservations about holding detainees there in a maximum security prison.

“Sure, I’d take ’em,” said Murtha, an outspoken critic of the Iraq war. “They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo.”



  1. Great. Just what I want, terrorists lodged within an hour or so of my house. His district is close to mine. Wonder if Murtha bothered talking to his constituents about that one?

  2. I’m about an hour away from there too. The entire district literally lives off pork. There are almost zero “real” jobs there anymore. It’s probably 30% direct government jobs, 30% private companies living on government contracts, and 30% people supplying services to those workers.

    All he has to do is promise to build a new jail to hold the Gitmoes, and that it would employ 5,000 people or so, and I’m sure his constituents would love him for it.

  3. And I also doubt they will enjoy sympathy with ordinary prison mates. Ya know, muslims are very uptight about this anal thing, what can be rather arousing. =P

  4. “Terrorists dont have super powers”


    But they do have friends in low places who would no doubt love to bust them loose. And it’s virtually impossible for those friends to get to them at Gitmo.

    And they also tend to have a desire for martyrdom, which makes guarding them a much different process then guarding a typical American perp, and makes any escapes have much worse potential downside.

    And on top of that, putting them on American soil automatically grants them certain legal rights they don’t currently posses (debatable, I’m sure, but many folks believe so).

    I’m not saying these matters can’t successfully be addressed. But it’s not as simple as flying them from Gitmo to Leavenworth.

  5. why not just treat the prisoners like high risk prisoners? put them in super maxes like say Florence Colorado’s Admax? just keep everyone in solitary and let the only contact be lawyers( atleast act like they’re given a fair trial)

  6. solitary confinement being charged isnt torture, technically you could have a hearing, then a trial, convict the detainee into a punishment and then it would make everyone happy, except our wallets

  7. Actually, Murtha’s statements are in the long standing elected representative tradition of commenting about subjects they have little or no knowledge of. Him being a correctional expert and all………….specialising in high risk prisoner confinement no less.

    I have to admit, I’m kind of baffled about the whole Gitmo uproar. My first career was in corrections; to this date, I haven’t seen or heard any substantive reports of less than adequate physical care being given to the Gitmo inmates. Pretty restrictive……..yes, but no worse than close or maximum custody in MI prisons. And we run a system that’s accredited by the ACA, and one of the most liberal in the country. On top of that…………as time has run on; I hear Gitmo has introduced one or more reduced custody levels for inmates reclassed as less risk, and due to good behavior.

    I do have reservations about the policy of long term incarceration without charging some inmates with anything. That strikes me as just wrong; especially given the recently held up plan for special tribunals (or whatever they’re calling them) with their fewer rights for the accused. If you can’t make your case against them under those favorable conditions………. you’re basically admitting you’re holding them on “suspicion” alone. Oh, I see…………..they “look” like a terrorist, eh?

    The only other problem I have with the Gitmo operation is the reported (by one or more former prosecutors involved in working up cases against some of the Gitmo inmates) Administrative shenanigans to bum rush some charges through the system to give the former Administration some “convictions” to crow about. If these allegations are true, they’re especially egegious as the same prosecutors are also reporting there was more than sufficient evidence to convict the accused while affording them the full allotment of time and entitlements for their defense. Of course………..bum rushing things to an incompetent, questionable, and unprofessional result wouldn’t be anything the former adminstration doesn’t already have on it’s resume.

    The whole international outcry about rights violations, torture, and whole sale “wrongness” of incarcerating most of these guys at Gitmo is just more folks opinionating about something they have little or no knowledge about, and I suspect largely descends from relentless MSM campaigning against Gitmo.


  8. Tim,

    You’re an hour West, and I’m an hour East.

    I thought we might be neighbors.

    Oh well, we’re both still Murdoc readers!

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