Friday Linkzookery – 30 Jan 2009

The British called – They want their guns back!
The “take away everyone’s guns” thing isn’t working out so well. At least not for everyone.

The Never Ending Small Arms Caliber Debate
Lt Col P and Uncle Jimbo on the issue.

Change for the Worse
The big “stimulus” bill undoes the 1996 cap on welfare payments to states.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, one of Obama’s key allies in Congress, waltzes away from Obama’s commitment to a 16-month timetable for withdrawal from Iraq
Obama supporters sure fell for a lot of shit.

“The request to delay the arraignment is not reasonable.”
Obama administration does not get extra time to study up on new strategy to deal with Cole-bombing leader in Gitmo.

Russia Snares New Black Sea Bases
The Rooskies are not kidding around.

The World War That Never Happened: US Occupies USSR
1951 Colliers magazine imagines what would happen of the balloon went up.

Swiss Army Knives on sale at Amazon.
Great prices.

Heavy Metal band name taxonomy
Cool. And don’t forget the
Heavy Metal Band Name Generator
I’m thinking of using “Nordic Koala” if Murdoc starts a metal band…though “Gore Hound” has a lot going for it, too.

Russia Unveils Aggressive Arctic Plans
“It cannot be ruled out that the battle for raw materials will be waged with military means” Did I mention that I don’t think the Rooskies are kidding around?

Exploding banana head man, we salute you
Some things there is just no explanation for. And if there is an explanation for this, Murdoc doesn’t want to hear it.


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