Friday Linkzookery – 06 Feb 2009

Happy Birthday, J!
Everyone wish Murdoc’s smarter brother a happy birthday!

Heavy Bombers Hit The Twilight Zone
No new bomber by 2018. Shocker.

Second Amendment News Roundup
Always great.

Pakistan attack halts U.S., NATO supplies

The Fairest Doctrine
OBAMA 1260 ratings in DC have “collapsed to a level that could not be measured.”

Sea Dragon’s fate still in doubt
No exact replacement for heavy-lift helo

408 Chey Tac
Sharp pointy end.

More Linkzookery below!

Israeli Air Force ‘Entebbe raid’ C-130 among five being auctioned
It seems that whenever you’ve got some ballsy special forces op, there’s at least a couple of Hercs involved.

USAF Launches Major Biofuel Initiative
The synthetic fuel plan is out of favor due to hippie environmentalists, so the USAF is going to start a big bio-fuel program.

If this won’t get you to the range, nothing will
Murdoc want some.

Oops! Google glitch highlights users’ dependence
Though it’s sort of humorous and I certainly have nothing against other search engines, I’ve seen a lot of comments to the effect of “I can’t trust Google to be my search engine any longer. They lost me forever.” I ran into the issue myself when it happened. Frustrating, but not really the end of the world.

The Catholic Church’s Heavenly Burden
No other religion is trashed repeatedly and deliberately in the way the Catholic Religion is in America.

Wings of gold
Naval Aviator wings with a shooting star.

Pocket Grappling Hook
“This was designed to snag trip wires in a combat environment, not snag shopping carts full of rocks from a creek or whaling operations.”

Inside India’s CAPTCHA solving economy
Offshore, baby.

Not the same Heller
High quality commentary from Flint, Michigan.


  1. Good link to the article about the H-53s. The H-60S is barely a replacement for the H-3, let alone the bigger H-53.

  2. Did the Air Force really thought that the coal fuel thing had any future? Im not even a global warming alarmist, but I knew it had no future.

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