The Big ‘S’!

On the way to church this morning, I heard that we got Saddam.

Whatever anyone is going to say, this is obviously very good news.

I’m trusting that they’ve waited until they’re 100% sure it’s really him before making the announcement.

Although this will probably goad a few Iraqis and others into greater action against the infidel occupiers, I think that the net effect here is going to be a great positive for the Allies and the new Iraqi governement.

Newsweek will probably explain why this is a disaster for the United States, and the same pundits who have been complaining that President Bush hasn’t been able to capture or kill Saddam will probably accuse him of using this for political gain. And, when the next US soldier dies, someone is going to say “The war isn’t over after all, is it?”

Just ignore them.

This is good news. This is a big win for us, for the Iraqi people, and for the world in general.

A lot of people who hoped to see Saddam reinstated will probably realize that their hopes are dashed. Many of them will despair, and quite a few will probably toss in the towel. And some of those that don’t will probably attack irrationally, hopefully with “suicide” now more important than “bomber.” There will probably be MORE attacks in the immediate future, not fewer.

I doubt that Saddam had much, if anything, to do with the organized resistance. At least not as more than a figurehead. He hasn’t shown himself to be much of a tactician or strategist. And would an effective guerrilla leader be found hiding in a hole looking like he did? Plus, his docility doesn’t project the image of a defiant tyrant. He looks cowed.

But the biggest gain is probably going to be help from heartened Iraqis who have been hedging their bets against Saddam’s return. This capture demonstrates our ability and determiniation to succeed. People in Iraq know who and where most of the bad guys are. After Uday and Qusay were killed, a lot of Iraqis came forward with more info once they were convinced that Saddam’s sons wouldn’t be back for revenge at some point. I expect more of the same now.

This isn’t the end in Iraq. But it might be the end of the beginning.

UPDATE: I wrote the above before even looking on the internet at all. FoxNews was rolling in the background and was the only info I had.

If you want to see what’s being said, check out Instapundit. He points out a lot of blog coverage and makes a few observations of his own, including

While people bitched, the military just kept gathering intelligence and keeping Saddam on the run until he slipped and they caught him. And looking at the TV images, he seems docile, exhausted, and ready to be caught. That’s the fruit not just of a single lucky break, but of the sustained campaign of keeping him moving.


And several readers have emailed to say that “you can hear the dejection in their voices” at the BBC and NPR. I wish I could discount this, but I can’t.

I haven’t listened, but I don’t doubt it one bit.

Also, check out the Command Post Iraq coverage. They’re all over this.

UPDATE 2: During the press conference by the 4ID commander, he was asked about where Saddam had been moving around. His answer was “I don’t know for sure. I would say around the Sunni Triangle is what I would–excuse me–the former regime element triangle…