Deficit of dollars, deficit of trust

Those deficits apparently apply to Obama nominees and their taxes.

The latest:

Nancy Killefer on Tuesday withdrew her nomination to become chief performance officer, a new post in President Obama’s administration, a White House spokesman told CNN.

Officials said privately the reason for the withdrawal was unspecified tax issues.

Via Instapundit, who asks: Do any of these people pay taxes?

It’s important that these stories don’t disappear down the memory hole when these same folks come back in the not-too-distant future explaining to us that we all need to “do our part” if and when it’s time to raise some taxes.

And then there’s Scrappleface: Obama Plan Has Already Boosted IRS Tax Collections

In office less than two weeks, President Barack Obama has already increased tax receipts at the U.S. Treasury with an innovative plan to get tax-dodgers to pay up, in full, immediately.

“The president’s plan is simple but ingenious,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, “He targets wealthy individuals who filed inaccurate tax forms, cheating the government out of tens of thousands of dollars. Then he just nominates them for cabinet positions. They suddenly see the error of their ways, and they cut checks for the full amount owed, plus interest.”

It’s cunningly brilliant.

UPDATE: LOL! Daschle withdraws.

Two in one day. “Absolutely” hilarious.


  1. Basically only economists from the austrian school is making sense of the whole mess, but of course that the government wont hear anyone who says that the government is not the saviour.

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