Will he stick to ANYTHING he said?

He\'s making some by at least going through the motions of listening to the generals. Can\'t imagine that\'s making many of his voters very happy.

He's making some by at least going through the motions of listening to the generals. Can't imagine that's making many of his voters very happy.

Not that Murdoc’s complaining, but have we ever seen a politician who has strayed so far from campaign promises so quickly on such big issues?

Obama weighing 23-month Iraq withdrawal option

What I really, really like is that the article goes into a bit of depth explaining how Obama “must weigh a number of risks,” why withdrawal from Iraqi is “complex and tied to other concerns,” and that “pace and sequencing of a troop pullout will have implications for preserving recent gains in reducing violence in Iraq.” As if suddenly these are new concerns and wise old Obama is taking the time to consider them carefully.

This bit is delicious:

The fact that Obama did not immediately order his generals to begin withdrawing ā€” as some might have expected, given his emphasis during the campaign on refocusing the U.S. military on Afghanistan ā€” is evidence that he recognized, even before assuming office Jan. 20, the dangers of a precipitous withdrawal.

Well, how about all the folks who recognized those same dangers WHEN HE WAS SAYING IT?

He said it from early 2007 through November 2008. All sorts of folks (military, political, punditry) said he was completely full of it all along.

Then in December he starts pulling back from what he’s been saying for at least two years. And he’s the smart one for it.

For the record, I happen to agree with the approach he’s apparently taking. But if he’s so damn unreliable on such big things, how can he be trusted on anything at all?

Also for the record, I’m laughing at his supporters. Talk about suckered.


  1. The smug looks they had after election day when they look at me disappeared when they realized the change and hope they voted for could not stand reality.

    I now wear the smug look, as they try to cover why he’s ‘changing’ his election promises.

  2. Heh,

    Reminds me of a “HOPE” sandwich. It’s where you have to slices of bread, and you HOPE you can find something to go between them… šŸ™‚

    Speaking of bread, I nearly went into shock a couple days back when buying bread. $3.50 a loaf here for the real stuff, and $1.99 for the fluffy air bread.

    Looks like it’s back to makinf biscuits again. I hope to have some change left over after I pay this next round of bills.

  3. “Also for the record, Iā€™m laughing at his supporters. Talk about suckered.”


    Anytime a bleeding-heart Liberal pansy gets sucker-punched by reality I laugh my ass off.


    Don’t count the King of Socialism out just yet.

    He may lose a few battles, but I still believe his eventual goal is Power to the Messiah!

  4. There really isn’t much doubt in my mind; this is nothing more than a case of a professional politician (exactly what many Obama supporters said he wasn’t) saying what he needs to, when he needs to, only for as long as he needs to…………to get what he wants (elected in this case). Shades of Bill Clinton; haunt me not! šŸ™‚

    The scary part for me, is with the economy so bad, and many people in a state of pesonal finance, lifestyle, and emotional flux………..this New Messiah and his crew are going to find very fertile ground for all the socialisation, income redistribution, and government grab for power schemes they can come up with. Somebody save us please (ask your self……did I mean the sheeple bleating in the wildernss, or conscious adults like us, who would prefer not to live in a socilaist paradise?)!

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