Facebook Photo with Gun = Suspended Teacher

A public school teacher in Wisconsin has been suspended because she had a photo of herself pointing a gun at the camera on her personal Facebook page. Is that really suspension-worthy? And when will the ACLU leap to her aid?

Meanwhile, a newsrooms Assistant Editor blogs about why this is a legit story. (Hint: It’s apparently because he doesn’t like guns.)

UPDATE: Whoa! Less than 20 minutes after posting this link to GunPundit (that post was written last night) I see that the ACLU is indeed leaping to her aid.

Gotta say that I’m pleasantly surprised.


  1. Yeah. I almost made a post laughing at the idea of the ACLU taking up anything 2nd amendment related, then was shocked to see the update. Then another ten seconds of thought made me realize that it must have been the “freedom of expression” issue. Kinda like child predators are free to “express” their desires for, and means of snaring children. ACLU doesn’t give a rats ass what the expression is, even when its totally valid, as in this case. Just that there should be no limits whatsoever.

  2. Ha! Yeah I remember that one. What ever happened to the Onion? They used to be funny, and equal opportunity satire artists.

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