More on the NLOS-C

NLOS-C. US Army Image.

NLOS-C. US Army Image.

This comment from Ryan May at BAE Systems was stuck in moderation on the recent post about the FCS mobile artillery unit that’s close to being fielded:

The first prototypes were delivered to the Army in 2008, according to the schedule (as I understand it). Soldiers will begin using the systems this year (as stated in the Strategy Page post) and deliveries of NLOS Cannons to the Army’s Evaluation Task Force as part at Fort Bliss, Texas will begin next year.

The comment contains links to additional information. Good stuff.

Also, check out the NLOS-C video from a little while back. As I said back then, if you like things that go BOOM, you’ll like the video.


  1. Still, good luck to the two guys that have to change a track in field. Yes I’m bitter about the focus on less manpower for the same job.

  2. There have already been a number of good comments about the reduced two man crew of the crummy acronymed proposed FA system, so I’ll just say……..ditto!

    Talked with one of the local FA guys here yesterday after my post in the preceding thread. Not too surprisingly my source was not working in his MOS. He laughed when I told him about the articles here, adding all his peers and he are BEYOND simply looking forward to a new FA system, and he told me there is battery of Paladins on call at FOB ___________ near here; them being the only FA unit actually serving in their MOS in this region. Peculiarities of the AO and this mission I expect!
    He also noted he expected a number of FA units to rotate into the Stan on their next tour.

    PS: Thanks to Ryan for the substantive information on the FCS. The troops are certainly looking forward to some hands on, and some rounds down range.

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