Strykers to Afghanistan

Stryker unit will be tested in Afghanistan

5th Brigade, 2nd Division (I thought they reflagged to 2nd Brigade?) is being shifted from Iraq to Afghanistan, the first time a Stryker brigade will be deployed there. The Rangers have used a few Strykers there, though I’ve heard no details about that. Also, the Canadian army has been using LAV IIIs, which the Stryker is based on, in Afghanistan for years.

The article says that both the 5th and 3rd Brigades have been splitting their training between Iraq-specific and Afghanistan-specific for some time in case this happened. The 3rd Brigade is still going to Iraq as originally planned.

UPDATE: Via the incomparable DJ Elliott comes this bit in Army Times:

No decisions have been made about which brigade might backfill the 5th SBCT for its original mission in Iraq, the [unnamed] senior Army official said.

“The reasonable assumption is we’re planning to replace them in Iraq,” he said.

The long-standing requirement of two Stryker brigades in Iraq has not changed, he said. The two SBCTs in Iraq now are the 56th SBCT from the Pennsylvania National Guard and 1st SBCT, 25th Infantry Division, of Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

There’s going to be some significant … work associated with backfilling [5th SBCT] in Iraq,” the senior Army official said. “With this announcement there’s going to be an increased frequency in deployments for Stryker brigades.” [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Pack your bags, Stryker soldiers.


  1. Bram,

    Looks to me (on Google maps) like there are some nice roads from Chahabar, to Iranshahr, to Zahedan, then on to Kandahar.

    I’d love to see us give that route a try….

  2. Want to know how Strykers will fare?

    Picture Iraq, where hundreds of Strykers have been either destroyed, or damaged badly enough that they had to be shipped back to the ‘States for a full rebuild… where 200 SBCT troops have been killed (compared to less than 2000 in all other US Armored Vehicle formations in Iraq), and thousands wounded…

    …compared to Afghanistan, that was the Stryker’s “honeymoon”.

    Now take away the dry weather, paved roads, flat terrain, and moteley crews of insurgents, and replace that with turbulent Steppe weather, mangled dirt roads, undulating valleys with steep slopes and basaltic cinderfields, and 120000+ battle-hardened Taliban.

    THAT’S what Strykers have in store for them.

  3. I hope all of the individuals on here have either ridden in or operated a stryker. Because i have taken the stryker from the Desert in NTC to the Mud-bog of JRTC to the DESERT of Iraq to the training fields of Germany and farm land of germany. The best part is that these were the oldest Strykers in the army. The first ones made serial numbers reading with 02-001. I fought in the battle for Fallujah and for Mosul with the stryker. And we all still love them and will gladly take the stryker and its mobility over the bradley and its ‘superior’ protection. IF you have been on the ground fighting, getting your behind handed to you, called for QRF and had to wait hours before they showed up then you must be with a heavy or light brigade. But when the call goes out for strykers QRF you can garuantee a quick turn around to have fire power amassed on target and return home. The Strykers survialability is actually higher than all vehicles in IRAQ ALL VEHICLES. What the TALIBAN can expect from a Stryker unit is to be hunted no longer from the air but now from the ground with strykers running them down going the places where you would not want to go unprotected and faster than you can get there with tanks and bradleys. What Taliban can expect is what the insurgents of Iraq have grown to fear and call the GHOST RIDERS of any STRYKER based BCT. HOO-AHHHH…. GET SOME.

  4. well sgt carter…..have you been to afghanistan with a stryker??? I have and ill take my boots anyday thanks

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