‘Roll a saving throw vs. Media, Rummy’

Leaked picture from the early days of the Bush administration:

Notice the DHS database on the far left...

Notice the DHS database on the far left...


  1. ..Totally fake, no dungeon master would let the players have access to the monster manual at the game table. As for the database….A commodore 64?

  2. Can’t be real. No Mountain Dew cans, empty Doritos bags, candy wrappers, or Cheetoh stains on their sleeves. Real RPG players have barely any room on the table to place their minis, what with all the snackage and books, dice, and other gaming aids….. 🙂

    Plus, where are the fat chicks ?

  3. So what was everyone’s ruling on players and the Monster Manual?

    My rule was no referencing the book at the table or during a session. But I had no problem with them looking things up before or after. Or, of course, on their own. Though maybe I wouldn’t let them borrow my book to do it.

  4. hehe,
    4th edition is introducing flashcard sets for the key bits of all the manuals. Yet more crap to buy, but at least it’s useful, and means fewer books to get in the way of the important stuff: pizza, mt dew, and cheetos.

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