Friday Linkzookery – 27 Feb 2009

Stupid or Lying
In which Murdoc explains his feelings about Obama supporters who claim to have not known the big guy was going to reinstate a federal AWB.

The Skeleton Tank
This beastie was an experimental tank built in 1918 by the Pioneer Tractor Company, Winona, Minnesota.

Fox to develop ‘Narnia 3’
Dropped by Disney, ‘Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ will have a much smaller budget than previous installments. Shooting will probably be moved from Mexico to Australia due to drug-related violence.

Taliban, Pakistani Army declare ceasefire in Bajaur
See? Violence in the region IS declining!

Which to Kill: Raptor or Lightning Deus?
Words of wisdom: “These are bad times to be a program 100 percent over budget and a couple of years behind schedule.

Happy Birthday, Doomsday Seed Vault!
In case of a harsh nuclear winter or other SHTF scenario.

India charges two Pakistani Army officers in Mumbai case
Speaking of SHTF scenarios…

Iraq Withdrawal, Logistical Nightmare
Not an insurmountable problem, of course, but logistics are always ignored.

The Ghost of ARH-70 Rises In Iraq
Canceled Kiowa replacement being offered to the Iraqi military?

Open carry while planting trees? Call the cops!
It took a judge to decide that a man could carry his own gun on his own property. This was several months after the police raided his property and arrested him off a neighbor’s “tip.”

News on the John Carter of Mars Film
Live action. Realisitc, not stylized. Murdoc fears it will be a major disappointment.

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  1. The F-35 deserves ti be killed just because of the extreme lack of coolness, cmon people, its like the most boring, meh fighter I’ve ever seen.

  2. RE: Federal AWBan.
    My general searches about Obama seem to reveal that he is ‘on the fence’ wrt general firearm ownership, and is hostile to ‘Assault Weapons’, but not simpler arms. The latest excuse is the Drug War mess on the Mexican border.

    I cannot find any recorded election=time promise that he would seek even to reinstate ban Assault Weapons. This is from btw. The only gun related election related promise he has apparently made was to repeal gun tracing limitations.

    He has notably been willing to expand gun rights if it means winning critical votes.

  3. Sam: It’s very well known and was widely discussed on all sorts of gun blogs and sites that Obama’s site included the intent to reinstate the AWB and make it permanent on his urban policy outlines. The same text was then transferred to after the election.

    When challenged by a questioner (I think at a town-hall type thing) he said he wouldn’t try to take anyone’s guns “because he didn’t even have the votes he’d need” to do it. Very reassuring.

    There’s a wide range of folks running around saying that Obama never said this or never said that blah blah blah.

  4. I believe you.

    On the balance of evidence, however, Obama’s admin likely will be no worse for gun owners than the Clinton admin.

    In the face of what seems to be panic among gun owners, I am advocating a calm watch, not acquiescence.

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