What we really need are some of Lee Harvey’s magic bullets

New weapon can fire round corners

A reader sends the link to this story about a device that shoots around corners. I’ve read about several projects like this in the past, and I don’t know if this is one of them or something completely different.

cornershot.jpgAccording to this page on the device, you can attach nearly any auto pistol to it, then point the gun around corners while sighting using a camera mounted on the barrel.

The BBC story also notes that it can be adapted to work with an M-16 rifle and tear gas launcher.

I can see where this would be quite useful, especially in today’s standard combat environment of close city streets and alleyways. But a lot of people have tried this over the years, and the fact that new ones keep popping up indicates to me that none of the old ones worked very well.

Also in the BBC article

The US-Israeli firm that developed the weapon says it will only be sold to official government agencies.

Unfortunately, they don’t say which official agencies of which governments. That’s where the trouble always seems to start.