Open Call for Submissions

Murdoc apologizes for the light posting of late. A number of issues have contributed to his shirkfulness.

Since I’m going to continue to be busy with a few things for a while yet, I’m going to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and that’s taking more guest posts. What I’m especially looking for would be a photo of some military hardware or personnel and commentary to go with it. The only compensation I can offer is my thanks and a credit in the post. If you’ve got your own site, feel free to cross-post material. Just let me know and I’ll get a link in for you.

If you want to go all-out like Tim’s Civil War Saturday entries, go right ahead. But that level of detail and depth is not at all necessary. I’d like more than a couple of sentences, but a couple of short paragraphs of commentary or opinion would be plenty. Hopefully, we can kick the discussion in the comments area up a notch while we’re at it.

I’m not quite sure about the exact logistics of this yet. I think what would be best would be for anyone interested to send me an email with the photo attached and the commentary in the body. I can’t promise to run everything that gets sent in, but it will all get looked at and considered.

To begin with, I’d like to stick to military topics for this. Any time period is okay, from the ancient world to the hypothetical future. I’d like for most of it to be 20th and 21st Century, though, and any Civil War-era submissions will probably go into Civil War Saturday.

If anyone’s interested, send it on.