Barrett REC7

6.8 SPC AR:

Barrett REC7

Barrett REC7


  1. The 6.8 SPC is a Very Nice round. It extends the effective range or the AR in .223 from about 400 yds to 650 yds.

    Non-scientific results based on one day at the Reno range with SayUncle, Snowflakes in Hell and others …. Unc’s EOTech sight was a big factor in the successful longer range hits.

    The rifle? Why, it’s a thing of beauty.

    – Traction Control

  2. Would certainly be amongst my leading candidates to carry on my next assignment that might place me in a position where I had to engage in a “frank exchange of views” with some of the more recalcitrant local nationals (or Jihadist foreigners).

    Sad to say……… employer will probably make me stick to the “Stae of the Art” M4A3 or M4A4. w00t! 🙁

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