I was kidding…

A weapon with wings

Since everyone else in the known universe had tons of informative, respectful stories about the 100th anniversary of the first flight at Kitty Hawk, I decided to poke fun at it.

The Guardian, however, published a serious, informative commentary by George Monbiat that is very similar to my mockery.

Those [9/11] hijackers had turned the civilian product of a military technology back into a military technology, but even when used for strictly commercial purposes, the airliner remains a weapon of mass destruction.


Flying is our most effective means of wrecking the planet: every passenger on a return journey from Britain to Florida produces more carbon dioxide than the average motorist does in a year. Every time we fly, we help to kill someone.

He doesn’t mention the movie Top Gun, but this guy really hates aeroplanes.

Reminds me of something that Walter Mosely said in April on NPR.

Did the term “moonbat” originate with this guy? Just asking. (via Opinion Journal)