Where do you stand?

The Political Compass

I came across this site a couple of months ago while working on another project. It is a survey where you rate six pages of statements as either ‘Agree,’ ‘Disagree,’ ‘Strongly Agree,’ or ‘Strongly Disagree.’ It then takes your answers and rates you on a two dimensional scale, with one axis being ‘Authoritarian/Libertarian’ and the other being ‘Left/Right.’ As far as quick online surveys go, this one seems to be pretty accurate.

I’ve taken the test twice, once when I first came across it, and again just now. I beleive that all the questions were the same both times. My results were very similar, but not exactly the same. I’m not sure which ones I didn’t answer the same as last time, but I’ve got a pretty good idea because the decision isn’t always very easy.

I recommend everyone take the test. The results may surprise you. And even if they don’t, sometimes stopping to think about these issues can help us define our ideals in terms a little less abstract than we’re used to.

After you view your results, they have a recommended reading list for your political type. (I’m a little surprised that Murdoc Online isn’t listed as essential reading for all political standings, though.) They also chart a number of historical figures, and they also rate the current presidential contenders. For MO’s British readers, they also class the political parties of the UK.

If nothing else, it’s more informative than the typical Quizilla offering. Check it out.