This post is my latest attempt to claim the new MO site as mine.

I’m currently ranked 95,893. There are nine year-old girls who post stories about their teddy bears who are ranked higher than I am.

The old Blogspot MO topped out around 26,000 or so. Sheesh. I dream of having my mom discover my blog like that guy in The Onion. It would help my numbers.


  1. So what does this thing do, anyway? Ranks your blog how, again? So far as the 9 year olds with their teddy bears, I think you just found a sure fire way to increase your traffic! Teddy bears! James

  2. It looks at the people linking to you (like Technorati) but only looks at the template and not individual posts, thinking that posts are too temporary to have lasting meaning to rankings. The NUMBER of linkers is important, but not as important as the RANKING of those linking to you. I link to you, and that helps, but if Glenn Reynolds links to you that helps more than dozens of Murdoc Onlines. If you go to the page you can claim your blog by putting a little code into your template. They don’t seem to be keeping up very well lately though. I looked at the message boards and I know they haven’t closed shop, but things don’t seem to get updated very quickly.