Guns and Hunting Press Release

Via Jim Sheppard’s Outdoor Wire:

Shooting Illustrated’s Redesigned

Shooting Illustrated’s has been redesigned with faster navigation, exclusive content, videos and the addition of yet another well-known gun writer to the team, Shelby Murdoc of fame. Murdoc, a freelance gun writer and columnist specializing in tactical firearms since 2004, has been blogging for six years and his regular installments to add even more depth to the website’s firearm coverage.

All new blogs by each of Shooting Illustrated’s editors are proving to be one of’s most popular new additions, with readers being subjected to ruminations and breaking news on a daily basis. Videos include American Guardian Television host Chad Adams voluntarily getting tazed, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Taurus Judge watermelon video, interviews from the SHOT Show and trigger time with a suppressed, fully automatic submachine gun.

Shooting Illustrated’s is the Internet’s Definitive Destination for the Modern Shooter.

It’s an honor to join the crew at GunsandHunting. Be sure to check out the site when you get a chance. It’s good and getting better. (Just don’t let that Murdoc guy screw it all up…LOL!)


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