I refuse to be drawn into this theory

I’ve been told that the seeming disregard for sensible and responsible fiscal policy these days is because it’s all part of a master plan to let the market completely tank and stay tanked for the 2nd quarter 401(k) statements. At which point no one will care if the program is scrapped or at least taxed.

I’ve not allowed myself to buy into that theory, but I’ve also had trouble coming up with a better explanation.

This doesn’t help: So Much for the 401(k). Now What?


  1. I don’t buy it. The group of knuckle heads trying to lead the country now is so inexperienced and confused that there is no way they could pull off something like that. They can’t make it through a week with out screwing something up and doing a complete 180 on a subject or two. There is no way they are thinking more than a few weeks down the road, let alone to 2010.

    So we’re in the proverbial out of the frying pan and into the fire situation.

    Bush certainly had communication problems, but at least he was smart enough to surround himself with plenty of experienced folks who new how to get stuff done. Obama’s lack of experience is glaring. I hoped he would be a quick learner, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

  2. C’mon…give the man a chance. Hes been in office 3 months. You guys don’t seem to realize your precious military is bankrupting this country. I’m all for kicking ass while needed, and my work is very dependant on a strong overseas presence. But what bush and his idiotic cronies did to this country with documented lies about Iraq is pretty glaring. I don’t understand how record spending by an intelligent administration is somehow worse than Bush and Cheney.

  3. Hey Jarrod,
    Where can I go to see those ‘documents’ about Iraq lies and all?

    Oh that’s right Michael Moore.

    Aaah hah ha ha hahaaaah.

  4. 5.54?

    I’m not sold either, and the distrust between left and right over the last twenty years just seems to get worse and worse, so that each always seem to assume the worst about the other. But then, often they are right.

    BHO seems, if nothing else, extremely ambitious, and almost as confident and proud of himself as the press is. His heart’s desires are known only to him, but I suspect he would like to see the nation move as much in the direction of Europe as possible, if not further. And so far he has pretty much gotten his way, with very little obstacles on the horizon, so its hard to rule out theories like this one.

  5. Bad economic times, and political discord have traditionally been opportunities for change. Look at WWI Czarist Russia & the Weimar Republic. Bad organizations and oppressive politcal systems are often ushered into power by the sheeple who can’t and don’t think for themselves.

    Take “Voting for Change”. What’s that mean? What kind of change and in what direction. Obama was the furthest left of all the Senators and had a record that reflected it. He voted with his own party 96% of the time (during his entire two years of national level experience) giving a total lie to his platform plank of reaching across the aisle.

    His Presidential record so far (at least domestically) closely parallels his Senatorial track record. Way left and veering further. Some of the rhetoric usd by this crew is absolutely scarey…………..all this garbage about scrifice (them being the ones who get to determine who sacrifices what, and how much) and it’s implication that you’re a selfish part of the problem if you don’t toe the line (You know…..being a prick for wanting to keep money you earned). Then there’s all the hype about changing America for the better and such when it’s all just cover for a shift into Euro Socialism (as noted above).

    It’s obvious unrestrained Capatalism has it’s dangers, it’s less obvious and almost totally overlooked that a many of the bad business practices that led to now, got started under the Clintonistas during the heady days of the “peace dividend” and only then accelerated under the Bushites (incompetance as a career choice). Some regulation is needed and good……but just how much?

    I still say, giving every tax paying American two million in cash would have fixed the economy and been far cheaper than bailing out businesses who didn’t deserve it and given just deserts fat cat sham corporate gurus who deserved that!

    Oh yea………the theory sucks. LIke most conspiracy crap.

  6. Nadnerbus,

    That was actually an intentional “mistake” on my part. I got the impression jarrod was nothing more than a pro-obama troll, maybe even a professional. It just sounded like canned talking point spewage to me.

    Switching topics like that is sometimes a good way to get folks like that to move along to greener pastures….

    So I wanted to give him a test to see if he had a clue or an interest about something gun related. But I didn’t want it to be TOO google friendly.

  7. The pension plans that lefties are so proud of have not fared well in this bear market, either. Your average pension fund is probably invested around 60% in stocks, so it has taken almost as hard a beating as a 401K has. As for some sort of government-run, Social Security-type plan to replace the 401K, I think a lot of voters are so horrified at the new massive overspending that it would be a hard sell. As poorly as my 401K has done lately, at least Congress can’t “borrow” from it like they do with Social Security.

  8. I think they would like to “Argentina” the 401k system (sieze and nationalize the whole think). There are other parts of the economy to destroy first.

  9. Jarrod: Obama gets exactly as much of a chance from us as Bush got from the far left.

    We WILL fry this clown. This ain’t derangement … it’s cold and calculated revenge. Pack a lunch, sport. You will be defending this clown for the next four years ( provided we can’t get him impeached after the 2010 elections ).

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