10,000 More Troops for Afghanistan?

Army Times:

The top U.S. general in Afghanistan wants an additional 10,000 troops in 2010 beyond the 21,000 approved for the current year, according to testimony today during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

If the request by Gen. David McKiernan is OK’d by President Barack Obama, it would bring the total U.S. force in Afghanistan to about 78,000 sometime in 2010. That would be an increase of 40,000 troops over the current total.


  1. Well, the original request that has (so far) resulted in the commitment of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd MEB, and 5/2 Stryker actually did ask for roughly another 10,000 troops…another BCT plus ‘enablers’ – engineers, MPs, MI, CSS, etc.

    Nothing really new to that story.

  2. One thing about President BO, you can tell when he is lying his lips move.

    Didn’t he say another 4000 “trainers” would go to the stan in August?

    Funny but I have it on good authority that August is the date that a batch of “trainers” are rotating out.

  3. jim b,
    do you really want our politicians to be telling the truth to the whole world about our troop movements etc?

  4. Of course I don’t Sam. I also don’t want him lying and telling half truths.

    Perhaps he just doesn’t understand the term “rotation”

    In actuality he is maintaining the same presence.

    He will never miss an opportunity to use bits and pieces to advance himself.

    Why did he say anything at all about it?

  5. What it is is a sourcing change: the trainers that are rotating out have been sourced (undersourced, in actuality) as individuals. They’re being replaced by unit sourcing, ie, a BCT.

    From a political point of view, the individuals are almost invisible, whereas a BCT is quite visible.

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