Binghamton Shooting

The officers first on the scene waited for the SWAT team to arrive. It took 43 minutes.

I’ve got a couple of additional thoughts on this here.

You are always responsible for yourself and your family. Do not rely on someone else to keep you safe.


  1. Spot on advice, Murdoc. Once a deadly force threat to yourself or your family presents itself, and there are no reasonable non deadly force alternatives available to you……….you’ve got seconds or milliseconds to decide and act on who gets injured or dies. It will be them, in my case. Sad but true.

    As a “fer instance”. A number of years ago, my daughter’s druken ex boyfriend broke into her home with shotgun several months after the break up. By his own admission he intended to kill her and the current boyfriend. Only the instantaneous reaction of the current boyfriend (waking, IDing an armed deadly threat that was stating he intended to kill, leaping on the threat, and wrestling him into submission saved them. The weapon was discharged during the struggle, though fortunately no one was injured. Homicidal Old Boyfriend = 7 year stretch in the pen. The survivors still aren’t completely over it.

    The police? Another adult in the house called 911 and stayed on the line until the only available police in our rural county arrived 40+ minutes later. Not the officers fault. O dark thirty on MOnday AM, no State Police Patrols out then, and only two Countsy SD cars out for the whole county. Both of them were in the SE county corner on a Mickey Mouse call when the other adult called in the atttempted homicide in progess. My daughter lived in the NW ccorner of our county. Their were not firearms or ammunition in my daughters home………her and the others (including 4 children) were all damn lucky!

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